An Introduction to Jesus Christ for non-Christians

(and a fresh look for Christians)



It's about understanding what God has put us on earth for and seeing life from his viewpoint, if we possibly can. It's about celebrating the truth that transcends all truths. It's about setting people free from the bondage of fear and ignorance. It's about liberation from law to grace. It's about Jesus the lover of my soul. My friend and brother and my Lord.

Could it be possible that the Christian Gospel is an even more wonderful message than we ever imagined? And that many in the church itself haven't grasped the full truth?


After all, the first Christians (sincere and godly as they were) didn't even believe that Gentiles could be saved. For many centuries Christians supported slavery. Even today the emancipation of women within the church is at best partial. Are you sure we have the full gospel right yet?

The Christian Gospel is good news for EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO HAS EVER, OR WILL EVER, LIVE. It is the most beautiful, wonderful and awe inspiring truth that can captivate and transform the human spirit.

This Web Site proposes a theology that liberates Christians from legalism into an interpretation of Holy Scripture that points to Jesus as the way to receiving and giving love. It presents "love" as a person and the only rule of faith and conduct. It may challenge some deeply held beliefs. But if you have an open mind, it may just answer some serious questions.

What this site is about

What on earth is the relevance of Christianity to modern man in the 21st century? The big issues facing us today in the Western World are money, health, leisure and our relationships. Oh yes, we are concerned about aids, TB, third world famine, disease epidemics, ethnic cleansing, the Middle East, globalisation, sustainability, global warming, international terrorism and the global economy. But our focus is much closer to home most of the time.

Anyway, Christianity, as we see it played out in our affluent nations, seems to be a completely different animal from the one we see in countries where Christians are persecuted minorities and certainly far removed from that depicted in the pages of the Bible. The majority of Christians in the rich nations of the West seem to be tainted with the hypocrisy of their environment. What I mean by that is that we believe in peace and goodwill to all men. We believe that God made all men equal and we believe in fairness and love. But…

Our economies flourish on arms trading. (Britain's greatest export earner). Our globalized companies exploit indigenous workers in impoverished countries (and at home) so that the many go without, for the sake of the few. We withhold food and medicines from the starving and dying in third world countries, that we stockpile for ourselves.

We would not think for a moment of withholding an expensive course of drugs from our own children if it could save their lives or even reduce their suffering. Yet we apply different criteria to the children of our fellow man in developing countries. Do we love our neighbours as ourselves? It depends on who you consider to be your neighbour. How close to us geographically do they have to be to qualify as neighbours? Next door? Our neighbourhood? Our town or city? Our county? Our continent? "The global village" is still only a reality for those who surf the internet.

This site is about my personal journey of faith too and some of the cul-de-sacs that I have found myself in, so if you want to find out more about us and why I put together this site, follow the links at the top and bottom of the page or select a particular topic you want to investigate further.

Jesus is Lord of All

This is the most profound and powerful statement that I could make. Eternity will not be long enough for us to contemplate the wonder of this supreme truth with awe for its all-encompassing magnitude and its utter simplicity. If our spirits could only comprehend the full impact of this short sentence, we would be freed from fear.